Friday, July 9, 2010

Savannah Sand Gnats and Riverstreet Sweets

Something would be weird if my family went to a town and didn't stop in at the local of course while we were in Savannah we went to a Savannah Sand Gnats game. As we were walking up to the beautiful old stadium Steve was going on and on how this place had been here since the 1920's and that lots of famous baseball players came out of here. The Sand Gnats are the minor league for the San Francisco Giants (our soon to be hometown team) and they played against the Rome Braves, minor league for the Atlanta we rooted for the Rome Braves.
Goodness you can watch the game while practically on the field.

And you can watch the guys in the dugout UP CLOSE!

The kids got slushies and Madi was so excited that hers was aqua in a red bowl...she has the red and aqua fever now too.

Ben was sitting here enjoying his slushie with a pitcher warming up...throwing 90+mph balls...looks like crazy. Steve and I stood there to get the feel of what that speed of a ball would look like coming at you...I didn't like that.

It was a beautiful night to sit outside at a game. This picture is when we were walking back to our car.

RIVERSTREET SWEETS! If you go to Savannah you gotta go to Riverstreet and stop at this candy store!!! Right before moving here to Georgia, Country Living Magazine spotlighted this shop. And my friend Susy had also just gone here and was raving about it. So every time I get the chance to go we all go. Funny thing happened. While walking on Riverstreet and just a few stores down from Riverstreet Sweets my phone rang and it was Susy calling to say hi...and of all places to be I was right there 'our place'. Susy said to eat a praline for her so I was nice and ate at least 3 or 4 of the worlds greatest pralines for her :-)

When you walk in they let you sample a praline...I sample on my way out too.

The Candy Maker was making salt water taffy.

One of the days on Tybee Island we took the kids to the lighthouse.

We climbed the 178 steps to the top.

One of the workers at the lighthouse let Ben and Madi try on bell keepers hats while we were waiting for our turn in line to go in. The kids and I didn't like it at the top where you can walk around the outside...there was just a wimpy fence....Steve laughed at us.


Rambling Girl said...

I love going to Savannah watching them make candy. Lots of great goodies...I just love all the shops on Riverstreet.

We are heading down that way a few weekends down the road. Staying on Tybee at the Lighthouse Condo.

Rambling Girl said...

oops meant to say when I was in high school we used to go over to the stadium on the weekends...Loved the big fountain right near the park.
This was back in the late 70's..good while ago.

Glad you all had a great visit.

Everyday Gourmet said...

I wish that I could go back there with you! Glad you enjoyed a praline or 2 for me : ) Did you make it to the Lady and Sons? I always love reading about your fun travels as a family!

Our Complete Family said...

Glad you guys had a good Harmon family reunion! Looks like you packed your 4-day full of neat activities, too! Yippeee!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness we were there at the same time!! We love Savannah and knew we wanted to go on a little mini vacatioin once we moved here to GA. We like Savannah Candy kitchen better, but both are good. :) We also went to Tybee, but we didn't go to the lighthouse...darn it, we should've!