Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So today after Ben's orthodontist apt., Madi's diabetes supply got there UPS and the house was cleaned we hit the road Jack. Steve said, "Clemson has been suckin' for the last few years but they are still getting lots of good recruits." So we decided to go check out Clemson for ourselves to see what the big deal was....BEAUTIFUL campus...clean, hilly, trees....BEAUTIFUL!

Across the street from the football stadium there is a park dedicated to all of those who have fallen in the line of duty.

If someone has attended Clemson and then been killed in action their name in engraved somewhere at this park. I LOVE THAT! Who would have thought Clemson has so much honor.

Howard's Rock. If you are a Clemson fan or just college football people like us....there is that landmark. And that hill the guys run down into the field on game day is STEEP. I wouldn't want to do that on national TV.

Look at Steve....Georgia shorts with the Clemson stadium in back.

There are tiger tracks up and down all the streets.

Dinner...we were starved and this was a hit! MMM

I took this as we kept driving after dinner. It's the north side of Greenville, SC...did you about this? We didn't. This was on 25 heading north.

What a day! Our first day of our almost 3 week adventure. Steve got the Crowne Plaza in downtown Asheville on Priceline.com for fifty bucks!!!


jordon said...

Hope you'll still be blogging from Korea! Have a save move and a fun summer. What an adventure!

jordon said...

uhh, that's "have a SAFE move" ha!

Our Complete Family said...

Aww shoot. I wish you'd have told me you were going to stay in Clemson. My Dad just bought a lot on Lake Keowee! Isn't the college campus gorgeous? I drove B & C through the campus to look-see last month and took 'tiger germs' back to my Dad's house to his utter dismay! (he graduated from USC before going into the AF so we can't wear orange in his house!)

Mary said...

Hi I've been reading your blog for sometime now. I found it via blog hopping. The USAF header caught my eye. I'm an air force brat. Well actually an older AF brat. I've enjoyed reading your blog. Just had to post I live near hwy25 the route you all took through SC and @ an hour from Clemson. I was about your childrens age when I visited Philly. At the time my dad was stationed at McGuire in NJ. And aren't the stairs/steps in Betsy Ross house tiny! That's what I remember most @ her house.
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