Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Savannah/Tybee Island

Steve's family had a family reunion over on Tybee Island next to Savannah. A few 4th of July's ago they had one down in Palm Beach that was fun but this year all the Florida relatives came up this way. My kids are no longer afraid of waves like they use to be...they LOVE the beach.

Steve's mom rented a big beach house so we could just walk to the beach anytime we wanted. Look at the porch on this house...I want one! It was larger than the Walton's porch.

There are Nana and Aunt Lisa.

Looks like Baywatch....but it's just our Madi.

The first day at the beach was windy but it felt so good! Look at Madi, Haley and Bianca...their boogie boards are flying around like kites...they were cracking up.

Those girls...Haley is pulling Madi?

We walked down by the pier. This was at 8 pm...it was so nice outside.

This is the boardwalk to get to the beach house...look at all the sand the wind blew on there.

Then Deedee started pulling Madi on the boogie board.

They did fireworks on the Island on Saturday the 3rd and then down on Riverstreet in Savannah on the 4th. Madi, Ben, Jacob and Nathan played in the sand while waiting for the fireworks to start on the beach. All the kids want to know now is when can they go back to the beach?


Lydia said...

We live in Savannah and drove out to Tybee on the 3rd to watch the Fireworks. It was windy! but such a nice day. Glad you enjoyed your stay :)

cynthia said...

looks like fun!

maybe we should try tybee, it sure won't be the gulf!

Our Complete Family said...

Looks like FUN! Miss Madi's skirt is adorable and she is such a pretty young lady and Ben is getting so grown up!
So glad you guys had a fantastic 4th before you PCS.
I bet that was just what the doctor ordered after the packers had been there, hu? xo

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

That looks like so much fun! And I love that porch, too! Even just that hammock would be wonderful! :)

I can imagine you are very tired with all the work getting moved! I hope you are doing well, and getting some rest here and there! :)