Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time for a picnic.... that I have made us the perfect picnic quilt. I have been wanting to make one of these for a long time and when I was looking at the medowsweet line of fabric it said picnic quilt to me. All but one of the fabrics used were medowsweet or farmers market by sandihenderson. I love all her designs and her new book...I have already started making something out of clock is ticking...our first set of movers come in almost 2 weeks.

The back of the quilt is mostly white with some greens edges and then I used a brown for the binding.

Yesterday my kids had to go to their Pediatrician to get TB tests done in preparation for moving to Korea. Right before the Dr. came in Madi stated saying her belly hurt...I thought it's only because both kids are scared of the shot/TB test...even though Madi has type 1 diabetes and get 4-6 shots daily. Then last night at dinner my 52 inch, 52 lb. Madi couldn't eat and her belly still hurt. At 11 pm she started getting the runs and throwing up. It lasted all night and all day today. She hadn't eaten or had anything to drink since 3:30 yesterday afternoon...Madi has diabetes and that means other things start going the wrong way. Sure enough at 2pm today she finally peed so I was able to check her keytones....dang, large amount...first time ever. So I called Steve and then he called the Pediatric Endocrinologist so I could start packing overnight bags for both Madi and I. But we are still at home, still have large amount of keytones but she is now keeping a few chips and Gatorade down so hopefully we are on the up and up. I LOVE that team down at Emory University/Children's Hospital. They talk to you every hour trying to keep you at home and still confident at what you are doing. I am hoping for a full nights rest tonight. Tomorrow is Madi's birthday so she has to feel better right?!?


ReminisceHeirlooms said...

Happy Birthday. This is just a beautifulll picnic blanket. I love the colors. Happy blogging sweet friend.
Ps, Did you make the doughnut muffins?
Tabetha :)

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

Sorry that posted before I also said that I hope she wakes up feeling much better. :) That would be the best birthday gift. :)

Our Complete Family said...

The picnic blanket is just perfect! Those fabrics scream 'PICNIC' to me, too!
And Miss Madi. Poor thing. I sure do hope she recovers so she can enjoy her bday tomorrow. Did she and Ben open their joint gift on B's bday or did they hold out to open it tomorrow?!?
My best friend's son just finished his 1st year at Emory. Wonderful college...Harvard of the South is its nicname.
I bet you are nervous to find a new team of doctors in Korea. Will you have to fly to see someone at another base or will you see someone in Seoul like my gf there did for her son?
Packers in 2 weeks? Girl, you didn't tell me it was THAT soon! Is the house sold or renters lined up?
I hope it's a smooth move. Been thinking about you... L

Amber M. said...

Poor Madi! We've been thinking about you guys all the time. I hope she is feeling better today and that you avoided the hospital. She sure deserves a fantastic birthday after all that!

the dahle family said...

Happy Birthday Madi! Hope you feel better soon. Good luck with your upcoming move, we're slowly making our way across the country on our move. Excellent job on your beautiful picnic blanket.

Amber M. said...

Jeni, glad that Madi is better! Have fun tomorrow...

I added the apple pattern and color key to my post.:-)

Everyday Gourmet said...

Jeni I love the quilt that you made but then again I love everything that you make! I am so sorry to hear that Madi got the flu. It must make it very hard whenever she gets sick! I made your caramels for the end of school gifts. Jonathans teacher started requesting them : ) Glad to hear things are getting better. We hope Madi has a spectacular birthday!