Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a fun birthday tradition

Usually you see these chains in red and green construction paper handmade by little kids. I made this chain for some friends of ours out of happy scraps, fusible interfacing and velcro. Now this chain can be a fun family tradition used over and over to countdown those kids are always asking how many more days! Now I want to make a longer chain for a countdown to Christmas to use every year. I got the idea for this out of Sandi Henderson's new book I mentioned the other's only $11 at rather than $18 at the bookstore.


Blueberry Heart said...

What a great idea this is - I shall have to try this for Christmas too - I am already craftuing some festive bits and pieces, and the sun has only just started to shine here!
Thank you for your kind offer regarding the 'Peeps' I hope to be visiting the states at the end of the summer so hopefully I will hit lucky and find some on my visit!
Hope Madi enjoyed her birthday!
BH x

Ross and Jill's Blog said...

Love This!

Anonymous said...

Really love this colorful and happy chain that could be used for countdowns to any occasion or holiday. Really a fun idea.


Our Complete Family said...

OH MY GOSH JENI... My kids are in hog heaven with the chain! Even though it's Miss C's bday we're currently using it to count down for you should see how they both get excited and in on the action! It will always have a special place in our home! 'YOU ROCK, Mrs Jeni!' Bryce said. And Miss C said, 'Tank You Mizz Jeni!' Love you and your sweet family... xo L