Thursday, June 24, 2010

God Bless America

I made 4th of July cards.

It's summer and we are moving so all the parents are letting kids play and play and play. Last night we ordered pizza for everyone.

Tonight it was just Blaine, Bailey and Emily who joined us. It's so fun when the kids can go play from one house to another...I am going to miss this neighborhood!!!

We have been watching lots of soccer. Ben and Madi wore their World Cup shirts today...we went with German ones. Ben has made it very clear that the USA is his 1st favorite team though.

Did anyone watch Wimbledon??? HOLY COW was that fun the last 3 days...and the winner (Isner) of that crazy game was a Georgia Bulldog too.


Ross and Jill's Blog said...

We have been watching lots of soccer! The US games have been crazy!! So nice that you have a great neighborhood... I am sure it will be that way in Korea too. Good luck with moving!

and super cute cards, of course *wink*

Amber M. said...

We watched Brazil this morning...Tony even took the day off (he said for his birthday, but I know it actually had everything to do with World Cup action...)

Got my card today...LOVE it!