Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter weekend

My kids....on weekday mornings they can't hardly get up but on problem. At least they just get up and play with each other so nicely. After getting all those new toys for Christmas they get up early to play with their blankets and pillows?

This seasons games started this weekend. Ben is #13 in the white in the center.

Can you see Madi....the only girl, braid hanging down. Next week I will have to take a close-up picture of her coolio new basketball shoes. It's so fun to watch them play!

After the game Madi and her team sat and waited for the coach to hand out their stars for the week. Each kid gets a star based on their performance during the game. This weekend Madi got the blue star that represents Best Effort. Some of the others got a red star for Best Offense or a white star for Most Christlike..... Everyone is very proud of the stars they are awarded.
My friend Susy loaned me a few of her stamps, so when they came in the mail Friday I got busy right away.


Jenni @ nest to keep said...

It looks like they are having a blast with all those blankets and pillows! And you're right, it is funny how much easier it is for kids to get up on Saturday! :)

I am just starting a little stitchery, something for Valentine's Day. If it turns out well, I'll let you know! Yours are always very inspiring! :)

jen said...

That's so funny!! I just took pictures of my daughters mess in my living room today. She set up camp behind my couch and played for hours.


Sandy Toes said...

Your weekend sounds a lot like mine:)!
-sandy toe
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Rambling Girl said...

I love watching kids play is just lots of fun. I know what you mean about kids waking up on the weekends...but not good during the week...I was like that a longggggg time ago...way long time...hehehe

So what are you going to make now...I know you have something up your always have the cutest things!

Have a good week!

Kristi said...

My kids have that exact same schedule- drag them out of bed on school days & Sunday, up at the crack of dawn on Saturday. We also started basketball this weekend too! I love the new chocolate card!

Carrie said...

My kids use to love making forts! Church basketball is the best.

Everyday Gourmet said...

Great use of the chocolate stamps! Did you use chocolate brown paper on them? Our Basketball game was canceled due to freezing rain along with my all day scrapbooing class : ( I can't wait to see how you use the bird and coffee stamps!

LeeAnn said...

Oh yes, the pillows and blankets! My kids play with these on a daily basis!
I am trying to find time to use my own stamps!! I have several new sets!

Anonymous said...

FYI - I came across this on someone elses blog and remembered you. Back in Oct or Nov you posted some pics of your current holiday decor and one was of a black bottle brush tree and some white glittered pumpkins and you commented on how you would like to have some brown ones. On this blog I was reading that you can buy the ones at Garden Ridge etc that you put out with villages and bleach them in the sink and then use Rit dye of your choice and you have your own custome color trees. This person did all this in her kitchen sink! Sorry I was just jumping around from one blog to another and did not save this persons blog info. Good luck and if you try this let us all know how it works!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

My son Nick loves to play with pillows and blankets, or as he refers to it.....making a fort!!

The kids look like they enjoyed their bball games...some future pro basketball players maybe???

Hope you are having a great week!!


Our Complete Family said...

Cute card! I love how it turned out!
Fun, fun, fun to cheer on the kiddos in their sports. I can't wait to see more basketball pics and a close up of Miss M's fancy dancy court shoes!
And fort awesome that they get up and play quietly so you can catch a few extra zzz's. That is a good thing!