Friday, January 9, 2009

Where are you from?

When people ask me where I am from I can't help but let out a little chuckle. I just say I was born in Ohio but have lived everywhere. I moved so much as a child that when I was in High School I said I would never date anyone in the military so there would be no chance of me marrying anyone in the military...guess what? I ended up in the Air Force myself and then yep, married someone in the I am still living everywhere.

Well here is everywhere:

I was born in Columbus, Ohio.

Then moved to Alabama...Ft. Rucker/Ozark/Enterprise.

Onto Texas...Ft. Hood/Kileen (this is where I started Kindergarten)

  • Oklahoma...Ft. Sill/Lawton
  • Ohio...Grandma's house while my dad went out west for a bit and then we joined him.
  • California...Ft. Ord/Salinas...Monterray area
  • Pennsylvania...Ft. Indiantown Gap/Harrisburg
  • Oklahoma...Ft. Sill/Lawton...again!
  • Alabama...Ft. Rucker/Enterprise...again!
  • Kansas...Ft. Riley/Junction City......then this is where I left home and joined the Air Force.
  • Texas...Lackland AFB/San Antonio
  • Texas....Sheppard AFB/Wichita Falls
  • Texas...Lackland AFB/San Antonio
  • Japan...Yokota AB/Tokyo
  • Utah...Hill AFB/Layton....then I got married so here I go again.
  • Kansas...McConnel AFB/Wichita
  • Washington...Fairchild AFB/Spokane
  • Mississippi...Keesler AFB/Biloxi
  • Illinois...Scott AFB/St. Louis...both Ben and Madi were born here. We were only here just barely two here right before Ben was born and left when Madi was 8 weeks.
  • Germany....Rhien Main AB/Frankfurt
  • Germany...Wiesbaden Army Air Field/Wiesbaden
  • Georgia...Ft. McPherson/Atlanta......I wonder what comes next??!!

Now I do enjoy moving. It's harder with a family and a house. I tell Steve he must know I love him when I have moved 7 times to be with him. I guess that is just military life but 7 moves for him in the first 10 years of our marriage is a lot...we have been married for 12 but have been here in Georgia for over 2 years.

My parents were so good about showing the whole United States to all four of us kids. We went to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Joshua Tree National Park, Petrified Forrest, Death Valley, San Diego, Los Angles, Disneyland, Big Sur and Pebble Beach, Yosemite, Sequoya, lots of missions...up and down the whole coast of California. To this day California is my favorite state besides Georgia.

Colorado was one of our favorite and most frequent places to go. I have been to the top of Pikes Peak more than a few times. Saw Garden of the Gods, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Rocky Mountain National Park.

Of course I have been to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, loved Jackson Hole. Mt. Rushmoore and the Badlands. I could never forget Arches, Zion, Bryce and Dinosaur National Monument.

While living in the East we saw lots of historic things along the Appalachian Trail and the Amish country. And Gettysburg too. I like Civil War history.
  • In the south we went to lots of different Civil War Battle sights including Vicksburg. We always teased my dad about being a National Park freak but I am very grateful. I sure hope Steve and I can educate Ben and Madi with lots of traveling.

See I told you I have lived everywhere.


coco said...

I grew up an Air Force Brat so I can totally relate to this post...I too have seen the US from coast to coast! My husband is not military but his job did require us to move several times. We have been settled in our current location for 9 years which seems like a life time to my gypsy self...I have been ready to move for 7 years, I'm always ready for the next adventure! I lived in your neck of the woods for a few years...couldn't believe how much it has grown the last time I was back! :)

Rambling Girl said...

Gosh you have lived everywhere and I thought so being a preachers daughter. Glad you love Georgia! After became an adult and had a child I decided not to move with my parents so I stayed here in Dublin and been here ever since. I love about the downtown you love the history down there?

Sandy Toes said...

Goodness..your moves put mine in perspective..but the places you have seen...Wow!
-sandy toe

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

Iam envious of your travels! wow! :) I shipped your package today. :)

Everyday Gourmet said...

That is so awesome! I can't believe how often you have moved. You have such a great attitude about moving and exploring new places. I am so glad we became friends in Germany : )

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

That is HAVE been everywhere!!

We are not far from Ft Indian Gap....about an hour:)

I guess by now, you are a pro at packing!!

Have a great weekend!


Sit A Spell said...

Hey! My Pecan Brittle was a hit! However, I renamed it...Southern Pecan Crunch! I used pecans from my MIL's tree in Arkansas.

I've moved a bit myself...and there's change in the wind right now! The MI economy is awful and has been for 3 yrs now.

Lori said...

Wow, that really is unbelievable! The wonderful thing is that you have seen SO much and it seems you are subjecting your children to the wonderful experience of travel too....I think that is so great especially for children!
Happy New Year!

Shannon said...

You have been everywhere!! That is so great that you have seen so much and so have your children.

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

I grew up a preachers kid and we moved often, but not as much as you have. I think it is awesome that you've lived in Japan and Germany too. Interesting story...

Brittany said...

Wow! How lucky you and your children are to get to see the world! Well, wherever you go, please always keep up the blog and your awesome mantle!

Amber M. said...

What adventures you have had!! Lucky girl...

We've moved so much since we've been married that I get the "itch" every 2 years or so. Although now that the kids are older, it gets a bit harder to uproot them.

Our Complete Family said...

Awesome post! I need to do one of these and link back to yours. What a fun idea! I chuckle when folks ask me where I'm from, too, since I'm a military brat. It's an odd but fun time growing up we had, isn't it?!?
Our parents rocked!!! :)