Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inauguration Concert

Tonight we watched the Inauguration Concert for the new President. It took place on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. To my surprise Ben and Madi sat and stayed tuned in for the whole concert. We reminisced over our trip there last year every time we saw some good shots of the sights on the TV.

I really enjoyed the concert...the music and seeing lots of celebrities taking part in something patriotic. My kids knew a few of the songs and actors and actresses. It cracks me up to see their faces when they see Tom Hanks...who is Forest Gump...the train conductor on The Polar Express...and an astronaut on Apollo 13...they get a little confused.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

The kids do get a little confused, don't they.... Sounds like the perfect thing to watch as a family!!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend:)


Sandy Toes said...

I was engaged on the step of Lincoln's such a big place!
-sandy toe

Amber M. said...

What a fun thing to do as a family! I don't blame the kids for getting as little confused about Tom Hanks...he's been so many different things!

Rambling Girl said...

Yeah I would get confused also if I was their age, but then again I am confused a lot of the time these days. LOL...So glad you all enjoyed the show...I really have been wanting to go to Washington lately since I am a History Buff. I went when I was little but it has been a longgggg time ago...Gosh I don't even remember what the place looked like. I really want to see the Holocaust Musuem...Did you all go see that?

Brittany said...

So, are you there for the inaguration? How cool to be a part of that! Did your hubby have to "work" it? (Sorry, I don't know what the correct military term is!). I would probably be just as excited as your kids or more if I were around all of those celebrities! Have fun!