Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I made these fun cones all out of leftovers! The paper is from last years Halloween cards, the bottle caps are from my 2004 Halloween cards and the ribbon is from last year too. I got this idea a year or two ago off the impressrubberstamps website. They would be fun to fill with some homemade Halloween candies for gifts is what I am thinking.

They could also be used as ornaments for a Halloween tree.

But, we had NO leftovers from our yummy dinner last night. I made the BBQ chicken pizza I found over on Amber's blog.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

2 cups shredded cooked chicken

1/2 cup BBQ sauce

12" baked pizza crust

1 small red onion, cut into 1/4" slices
1 small green pepper, sliced into rounds
8 oz. shredded mozzarella cheese
Combine chicken and BBQ sauce in a large bowl; spread over pizza crust. Arrange onion slices and pepper rings over chicken; sprinkle with cheese. Bake at 450 degrees for 10-12 minutes or until cheese melts.

ESPN's College Game Day is going to be at The University of Georgia in Athens on Saturday. Ben really wants to go. Steve told him if we were to go we should make a poster to take. Ben's wheels started turning. AJ Green is Georgia's new pride...remember we got his autograph at picture day. He is the one I had his High School picture for him to sign. Ben is something else!


Our Complete Family said...

What a hoot Ben is! Love his poster! Tell him good job!!! Your cones turned out so cute! I have some store bought ones from a few years ago on my dining room table 'scary tree' (as Bryce calls it) but now you've shown me I can make more to go along with my few lonely ones!!! You have been a busy bee with the kids in school! One day I will be again, too! Love ya, L

Amber M. said...

Smart kid!

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

Now those cones are adorable! I love the bottle caps you put on them, too. And that is a great idea to put candy inside of them! :)

That poster your son made is great! So funny! :)

Shannon said...

He is so funny!!

Your cones are so cute!! I love those!

Heather @ Home said...

Green definitely has my vote!!!! Wish we could be at the game this weekend. Some friends of ours are going up,but I have to work Saturday. We hope to be at the Vanderbilt game (Homecoming). GO DAWGS!!!!

Everyday Gourmet said...

I love the cones. Where they very hard to make? Ben is a die hard fan isn't he! HE must take after his Dad when it comes to football. Thanks for posting the BBQ chicken recipe. It looks really good. It just needs some cooked bacon on top!

Kristi said...

Fun cones!! There are definitely too many cute projects and not enough time!