Sunday, July 15, 2012

Garlic Capital Of The World...

 We went to Gilroy, California...the garlic capital of the world.  They grow 90% of the world's garlic in this valley in California.

 They sold all sorts of Christopher Ranch products...Christopher Ranch is my FAVORITE.  I want to go back at the end of this month to Christopher Ranch for the Garlic Festival.
MMM..the goodies I brought home.  I am going back to stock up so I can take lots of these things with me when I move.  We are moving AGAIN!!!!!  I know I have only had my things in my beautiful California home for 9 months...What the...  It's all good though, it's just I need a break.  This will make 5 different homes in 23 or 24 months.

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Amanda said...

Are you PCSing already?! I love seeing the places y'all go, we are stationed at Beale too and have been to a lot of the same places. If you are leaving the area, make sure you go to Lassen National Park first! We went yesterday and it was so cool, especially to the kids. Its about a 2hr. 45 min. drive from the Beale area. The National parks are all free this year for military and their dependents.