Sunday, March 4, 2012


My kids are spoiled...they have been to more NBA games than most adults. The other night Ben, Madi, their whole basketball team and all the other kids who play basketball in Northern California at the YMCA went all dressed in their Jr. Kings shirts. So we are making our way around to see some of the NBA's best. Once in Orlando Steve and Ben saw D-Wade, in Atlanta during a playoff game we saw Le Bron James and now here in California we saw Kobe Bryant. Now my family is on a Jeramy Lin hunt. Steve did go over and enjoyed a game in Oakland...Golden State/Portland too.
Oh and look at me. For not being very fashionable I did good getting fixed up for the game. I scrounged around in my scarf drawer and pulled out my Burberry scarf and then grabbed my pretty Burberry purse...IT WAS FUN!

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