Thursday, March 22, 2012


This past week I have been on a headband kick. For some reason I have been wearing my hair up everyday. Now I have never been a girl to wear her hair down but am a ponytail girl. With my hair like this and my pearls on I look like I could still be in the Air Force. After I got out of the Air Force I never wore my hair all the way up for a long time just in ponytails...I wanted to be sure everyone knew I was a civilian. But now I am back to the hair up and like the way it looks with a headband. So this week I crocheted a bunch of them. There are still a few colors I want to make. Also this week I have craving good workouts. I RAN 3 MILES!!!!...I had not done that since I left Georgia. Plus I have a neighbor who likes to walk so we go walk 6 or 7 miles some days. I really want to keep up my running. It's hard! I LOVE to be sore! AND I am a looser of 14 pounds with lots to go but I'll take it.

Oh yea it's been a productive week...under my headbands you can see a quilt I am working's a zig zag pattern.

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