Wednesday, February 24, 2010

4 down 4 to go

Man oh man...Madi had 4 baby teeth pulled today. She went to the orthodontist a few weeks ago and he said to have 8 baby teeth pulled to allow her adult teeth to come in in the proper place. My poor little girl. But she will be rich tonight after the tooth fairy comes!

Plus, her sweet dad walked in from work tonight and surprised her and Ben and I with 4-day passes to Disney World...13 days and counting.


Our Complete Family said...

Poor Miss Madi. Your babes do not have good luck with the dentists. Give her big get well hugs from the E's. :)
That is awesome that Steve surprised you with Disney passes! Where do you think you guys will stay? Is it a spring break from school? Bryce's isn't until April. We're hitting Disney when Jas is well and for a holiday~ maybe Turkey day time or Christmas time. We shall see!
13 days is long enough to make a cute Mickey Mouse shirt for M to wear, too!!! Fun, fun, fun!
Love you guys. xo

Brittany said...

Poor thing! I bet Disney World brought a smile to her face at least!

Everyday Gourmet said...

Poor Madi~ I like the surprise though! I am so excited for you. We love Disney World over here. You just can't beat the amazing deals that they are giving the military right now! Hope the next go well for here. Is she having to miss school?

cynthia said...

oh goodness...8 teeth! but somehow i would like to think that tickets to Disney would put a smile on her face!

if not, i'll gladly take her Disney

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh poor baby.....I hope she is feeling better today:)

HOORAY for the Disney passes.....I bet you are counting the days!!

Rambling Girl said...

Oh my goodness, poor Madi! I know she was hurting but oh goodness what a nice surprise you all received...Disney!