Saturday, December 12, 2009


I am enjoying this Saturday night home alone. Today my boys had plans to go watch the Georgia High School Football Championship. Madi got really upset that she couldn't go even though we had plans for one of her little girlfriends to come over and play. Steve took her in her room to chat with her and to explain why she couldn't go. After a few minutes he came out looking pale saying they were all going...he had gotten whipped by Madi. I guess that cute little football loving face and tears was just too much for him to handle. So they are all downtown Atlanta at the Georgia Dome. Well at least I got a nice evening to myself out of the whole thing!

Last Friday we went to to see Northside (Warner Robbins) at Newnan. Not only does Madi like to watch and play football, her new thing is running. Would you look at her down on the track in the starting position. Do you see #39 on the one of the Ogletree twins...both brothers played for Newnan but are both going to Georgia next year. Steve was all over the fact that the University of Tennessee recruiters were there trying to steal them.

We got to the game almost 2 hours before it started to be sure to get good seats...then the band from Northside came and sat RIGHT next to us. Last year all Madi wanted for Christmas was a drum set and Santa brought her one. So she was so in awe of the drummers...and look one of them was a girl!!! It was a fun night.

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Hautemama said...

My sister and brother live in Newnan!