Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What'cha got cookin'

Tonight I am in the kitchen baking sugar cookies. Madi's 2nd grade class is going to decorate them at school on Friday.

I have enjoyed having this tree to brighten up my kitchen.

These little snowheads fit perfect all nestled in the crate under the tree.


Rambling Girl said...

Love your bright and cheering kitchen..I needed this today!

Oh and the crate is to cute with all your cuteness around.

Hope Madi has a food day decorating those cookies with her friends at school!

Our Complete Family said...

I bet you are loving being in your cute kitchen baking with all the neat Cmas stuff you have to look at in there!
And the shirt in the previous post... just darling Jeni!
Merry Merry & ho ho ho to you guys! xoxo