Saturday, November 28, 2009

Time with dad

We have been having the time of our life with Steve! We went and spent Thanksgiving with Steve's side of the family and they did all the cooking...thank you! My kids had never been to Build A Bear and Madi has been asking for a long Steve told her when he got home he would take her.

Now our family is ALL about sports. So this week went and enjoyed the new movie Blind was a great show!

In Atlanta there are over 200 High Schools. Over a quarter of those are 5-A...just unbelievable to me. Last night we headed to the northside of town to watch Lassiter vs. Collquit Co. (a team from the Valdosta area). Lassiter looked like USC...nice uniforms and look at that scoreboard...looks like college...I hope my kids go to a High School like this.

Next weekend Northside (from Warner Robbins) plays a team here near us...the kids and Steve are already making plans.
Tonight we have Georgia vs. Georgia Tech. We wish we were at the game!


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Everyone. Please show us the finished build a bear(s)! I would love to see what was made. I thought the Haromns would be
watching the game tonight.
Enjoy the rest of you Thanksgiving Day weekend. Post the pictures.
Love, Aunt Onalee

Amber M. said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

Can't wat to see the movie...