Thursday, November 12, 2009

Plymouth or Jamestown?

As sad as I was to put my Halloween decorations away, I sure am enjoying my Pilgrims and Indians.
Crosstitching use to be my love and daily habit. But ever since having kids I have not done any until now. It took me forever to do this harvest pattern last month...but think it's so pretty I have already started a new Christmas one.

There is of the title of this post.


Shannon said...

I love all of your pilgrims and Indians! You always have the cutest decorations and display them so perfectly. :)

Ashley said...

Love your Thanksgiving decorations, but then I LOVE all your decorations and ideas!

I know how you feel afraid time will slow down. The end seems to be the hardest part some days. I can remember feeling like I was a robot just waking up and doing my daily things living until that one moment when he would get home. I'll say a little prayer for you, it's so hard!

I'm going to make your Grandmas caramels next week, Im so excited! It looks wonderful.

Thinking of you,

Our Complete Family said...

Aw, look how sweet Ben looks peeking in on the shot! The fall decs look great. Since all of our things have been in storage someplace in South Carolina I have loved seeing all of your fun fall happenings and enjoying it through your bloggy pics!
You did a great job on the cross-stiching, too. Beautiful!
xo L

Rambling Girl said...

Love all the your Thanksgiving decor...I need to buy me some more things to go with Thanksgiving...

Can't wait to see all your Christmas decor and goodies you share over the holidays.