Friday, November 20, 2009

A new round of pj's for all...just for dad

To start this story...I am not one for tank tops or very short shorts (Capri's..the greatest invention ever) so that is what my kids are use to. So last week after I did a little shopping Madi noticed my new spaghetti strap nightgown laying on my bed. She was like what's this for. I told her it was my new nightgown so I will look beautiful when dad gets home. Well she new this was not my normal style and wanted me to try it on. So i's silky and long...she said I looked pretty and it made me look skinny. After staring at me for a minute she jerked and blurted "What am I going to wear"? At first I was shocked, but said we could go shopping again so both her and Ben could get some nice new pj's for when our dad gets home. So we finished our shopping today and don't they look cute in their pj's...okay now we are ready, he can get home any day now!


Amber M. said...

Ha!! Those kids...what a great story. AND a great reason for new pjs!!

Sandy Toes said... fun and exciting for you all!
sandy toe

Everyday Gourmet said...

Cute jammies! I am thinking of you! Can't wait to hear that your family is reunited once again.

Jo said...

Nice cover up! : )


Leslie Creswell said...

I hope you guys have a super duper time with daddy. I also pray for a fabulous thanksgiving with your family!!

Rambling Girl said... sweet of Madi to worry that she needed to look cute for Dad...tell her she looks beautiful in her pj's and dad will love them. Ben looks handsome also.

Wow it has flown by to me but am sure it seems like glad he will be home with you all for the holidays...

Sorry I have been out of the loop but I am trying to get caught up. I still need to get that jelly in the mail to you so I will try and get that all packaged up for you this week while I am off.

Be sure and take lots of pics of the homecoming...and share with us! I am so thankful for your hubby's heroism of protecting my family.

Belinda said...

that is funny! Now you all will look cute for when he comes home!