Friday, August 21, 2009

Back in my skinny days

The other day my Aunt Bonnie emailed me some of my pics to make sure I had copies. Most of them I have hard copies but these already scanned ones are great. I have the most wonderful Aunts...and quite a few of them too. My Aunt Bonnie is my dad's sister. In my dad's family my Aunt Linda was born first in the month of December. The very next December my Grandma gave birth to twins...Brenda and Bonnie...can you imagine! Then came my dad and two more. I posted about my Grandma here my-love-of-lemon. I wish the kids and I could go to Ohio again this weekend...everyone is gathering to celebrate my Grandma's 82nd birthday. Okay so now onto my cute and skinny pictures. And my many Olan Mills pictures can a girl have of herself?
Me at age 3

Me turning 2.

Me turning 3. I have this dress too.

My Aunt Bonnie set up this photo shoot. We got the peppers out of my Grandpa's garden. This is me and my 3rd red headed cousin Michelle I mentioned in a previous post.

Me, Michelle and our Aunt Bonnie.


Amber M. said...

My gosh, you look like Madi. Or Madi looks like you, I should say!

Brittany said...

You do look like Madi! I love going through old pics. We are gearing up for my hs reunion and have been going through old pics, reminiscing about old times. It's fun!

Everyday Gourmet said...

Those are darling! Madi looks so much like you as a little girl. I love the picture of you and your cousin. Are you still close? Enjoy your weekend!

Rambling Girl said...

Gosh Madi looks just like you and you look like your Aunt Bonnie.

I love looking back at ole pics and yep I can relate to those skinny days but girl your not fat by no means.

Thanks so much for the little skirt for are such a sweetie and I can't wait till we meet. Oh and the patterns are super cute and I can't wait to start on those.

I actually took a break from cleaning to come check my blog but I have to get back or I will be useless all days if I sit here long.

Ross and Jill's Blog said...

So cool to see all the resemblance.. I agree.. Madi looks like you and you look like your Aunt! Glad that your time is half way done.. I hope the second half goes even faster than the first...

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

I agree with everyone else~ Madi is your "mini-me"! They are all such sweet pictures! :)