Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back To School

 Even though we are moving soon I let my kids start school here in California...they BEGGED AND BEGGED.  You can't tell your kids no they can't go to school.  They love school.  They don't like weekends either.  They want to go to school as many days as they can here.  Steve and I crack up at their love of school.  Everyone keeps asking my kids how they feel about moving.  They usually answer with a shrug.  This moving every year is all they remember right now.  They will have been to four different schools all over the globe in the last four years...Georgia, Korea, California and Massachusetts.
Yesterday I had these pictures of the Ben and Madi taken.  I love the back to school time of year.  It's almost football season, baking season, decorating season....I need to get moved so all the fun can begin.

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