Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Polish Cheese Lady

Isn't she a beauty? I absolutely love her to death. So when I found a stitchery pattern to make I thought it would be so fun to make a pretty towel for my kitchen.

I have TONS of polish pottery. It's all I bake in. It's the best and so beautiful.

My first trip to Poland: was back in April 2003. It was right after the Shock And Awe we had on Iraq. We were living in Germany. My husband was an Air Force Weather Forecaster attached to the Army's 1st Armored Division...who was among the first to drive from Kuwait to Baghdad. 1 week before Steve left he said if I wanted to go to Poland I better just go because the military had no idea how long they would be in Iraq. Steve was on a waiting list to ship to Kuwait...it took way over a week to to send everyone. So at lunch that day I mentioned I wanted to go to my neighbor and she said "lets go!" We made plans to leave that night or the next morning around 3 am. Well we were having so much fun that evening making our lists of what we wanted to get and picking up lists from a few of the girls around us that at 10 pm we were wound up and didn't think we could get to sleep. So we decided to shower and leave. OMG...my neighbor didn't want to drive but said we could take her van. I still laugh. I jumped in her Japanese made van with the steering wheel on the right. Now I lived in Japan and knew I could easily get back in the swing of driving like that but the kicker was the roads, German roads are like USA roads you drive on the right. So I drove around the block 3 times to get a feel for the crazy ride and then we hit the autobahn. So after being up all day taking care of my two babies all day I drive ALL the way to Poland in a Japanese van on the autobahn. We were so delirious by the time we got there. But boy did we shop!!!! We filled that van up! After shopping all day we started feeling sick. To top it off we got lost...they had closed the main road to get back to the border so we had to drive through neighborhoods. It is 3rd world and people were herding their goats. We were almost out of gas. We found a gas stationed with 10 or more cars in line. It was a gas station that looked like something in the ghetto in the 1950's with only 1 pump. The locals were starring at us. I remember I felt so sick and was so hungry. After crossing back into Germany we stopped in the town of Dresden to eat at McDonald's. We did make it home before dark that next night. Steve was so nice and had some food waiting for me so I could eat and he carried in all my boxes of pottery and tucked me into bed.

This little lady makes me happy so she is serving as my centerpiece.

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Mimi said...

Hey Jeni! What kind of cuptowels do you make your kitchen towels out of?