Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Soldier's Stew

We love Soldier's Stew. The history of Soldier's Stew: Back during the Korean War, when the American soldier's finished the food and tossed out the leftovers, desperate, starving Koreans picked it up. They gatherd the mac and cheese, lunch meat, hot dogs, spam, pepperoni and threw it all in a pot with seasonings and water to make a stew. Today it's a classic dish here in Korea. Last month I went out to dinner with the Weather Wives for the first time at this yummy place and had to take my family back.

I love the story behind this stew, boy is it good and spicy too I might add.

Oh yes I did! I made a Schnibbles pattern. They have the PRETTIEST patterns ever. Look at the knock-out cute pin cushions I made.

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