Saturday, May 21, 2011


This past week all Americans on the Korean Pennisula participated in the NEO exercise...noncombatant evacuation operation. It was good for Ben and Madi...we live in Korea and only 1 hour from the North Korean border but we tell them if we are prepared there is nothing to be afraid of. We have our gas mask which they got to practice with today, we have food storage and we know what to do. Plus we constantly remind our kids they have more of chance being killed in a car accident because someone is on their cell phone than we have of getting hurt or killed by North Korea.

I got this super cute pattern to stitch from a little sweetness. There are too many cute things over at the shop. This little stitchery makes me smile everytime I go in to start laundry.

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autumnesf said...

When we went through the NEO exercise in Iceland it was a real eye opener. It takes alot to get a base full of dependents off an island. And when you see how easy it would be to get separated from your children its very scary. We had to keep packed bags under the bed at all times because it is a volcanic island also. Ahhhh. The memories!