Friday, October 23, 2009

Kids, kids, kids

My weeks are flying by!! Most of last week was spent subbing in Kindergarten and every day of this was too. There is just something about Kindergarten...I LOVE being in there. And after two weeks of the same kids you really fall in love with them. But now I am pooped...a classroom of active kids ALL day and then coming home with my own two and Steve still deployed...phew!

The other 3 teachers I worked side by side with were so kind and helpful. Last night I baked the yummiest Iced-Pumpkin-Cookies to share as a thank you with these ladies. Ben and Madi also LOVED these. After school I told them I was making pumpkin cookies, but they were so confused because they don't have pumpkin faces, but they woofed them down anyways.


Amber M. said...

Those cookies look so YUMMERS! And all those Kindergarteners?? So lucky to have you.

Everyday Gourmet said...

I love the halloween paper. Where did you get it? I have your new card displayed next to last years! So cute! The pumpkin cookies sound delightful : )

Sandy Toes said...

Do you know what is in the oven??

Your cookies...I saw it just about 2 hours ago and decided to make them. We were suppose to go to a neighborhood get together but the weather is not cooperating.

So it felt like the perfect day for a pumpkin cookie....thanks!

Sandy toe

Sandy Toes said...

I blogged about these cookies today and linked you!

sandy toe

Anonymous said...

Oh those cookies look wonderful.
Have you posted the recpie?
I would love to make these Jen.
Your card is on display at my house too. Send the recipe please.

Jo said...

If only you were on my teaching team ~ those cookies look wonderful!

Hope all is going well for you and the children ~ I've been thinking of you.


Shannon said...

Those cookies look delicious!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

YUMMM!! I just saw them on "Sandy Toe's" blog! I printed this one out......I love everything and anything pumpkin! Hope you are doing well:)


Ross and Jill's Blog said...

those kindergartners were lucky to have you:)