Thursday, October 16, 2008

funny stuff and jokes

After my friend leslie suggested using cookie cutters for seasonal decorating, I got right to it in my kitchen. My friend amber had sent me this yummy recipe for pumpkin cobbler, and since making it, I left it out on the counter...I think it looks cute. Well along comes Ben..."Mom you need to fix this recipe. There is no cooking time written on it. You need to write Fall right there."

Amber you sent me an incomplete cute recipe...the bake time is written on the back, Ben doesn't know. :)

( You will have to click on the recipe to see the blank line for the cooking time:)
I need and want a new camera SOOOO bad...then I won't have these problems.

I LOVE this idea I found over on tipjunkie. How fun to write a new joke each day for your kids lunch. I will have just as much fun doing this for the kids as they will with them. Bet their friends at lunch will all be in on the action.


Carrie said...

great idea!

Amber M. said...

WHAT was I thinking??!:-) Thanks for catching my mistake, Ben.

What a fun idea to send jokes in the kids' lunches. I just have one question...what's the answer?

Our Complete Family said...

Your counter looks cute hun! Funny that Ben notice the recipe cook time. What a helper in the kitchen! He'll be an AWESOME hubby one day! And the joke on the lunch bag? A hoot! I write on B's napkin every day in his lunch and have since his 1st day of school. He loves it! His friends all even want to see what I write now. Sometimes it's a corny picture, etc... but the joke idea? I'm so going to start doing that! Love it! xo