Friday, April 9, 2010

Play ball!!!

Baseball started this week. The Chicago Cubs have been in town this week to play against the Braves. It's been hard to get tickets, they have been sold out but we got some last night. We just saw the Braves less than a month ago down in Florida at spring training...but there is nothing like being inside Turner Field! My kids take some goofy pictures...they are the same kids who rarely speak a word in public.

Atlanta is home to Cartoon Network and Turner Field has a really neat playhouse for the kids to play in.

Before the game we met Steve at his work. Ft. McPherson is right there in Atlanta and only 2 exits from Turner Field...funny how there is a big Army Post in the middle of a large city like that. After picking up Steve we headed straight to the game. We like to get there way early to watch batting practice so we just ate dinner there too. They have some YUMMY food. I had the New York dog.

Look at Madi's chili fries!!! They were so big that when she was done it looked as if she hadn't eaten any of them.

Some history: The Braves use to play in Fulton County Stadium. Turner Field was built to host the 1996 Olympics. After the Olympics it became Turner Field home to the Atlanta Braves. The Fulton County Stadium was torn down and is now the parking lot for Turner Field. In the middle of the parking lot is this piece of wall...the place where Hank Aaron's home run broke the record. NEAT! Back in the spring of 1997 Steve and I had only been married a few months. We were visiting Steve's family. Steve wanted so badly to go to a Braves was Braves vs. Yankees and the first game the Braves would play in Turner Field. Steve's mom was so nice to lend us her car and we spent our last $100 on tickets...but we made it to the first game ever played in Turner Field...obviously not our last that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. What a great evening you must of had. ON

Ross and Jill's Blog said...

love baseball season! Yay!! And your little facts are neat! I think it is great that your whole family enjoys it all! I used to go to games with my dad when I was young and we always went way early for batting practice, too! Fun