Friday, July 10, 2009

a mistake

Today is garbage pick-up in our neighborhood. So last night I was gathering up all I could find to set out at the curb. From underneath the kitchen sink I pulled out our sharps container/milk jug. When I saw all the syringes from the past few weeks it took my breath away. Can you believe how many shots Madi gets.

Madi gets two types of insulin. One night last week I gave her Novolog at 10:30 at night instead of Lantus. I give Madi her Lantus at night while she is sleeping and she doesn't even wake up. After giving her her shot I went back to the kitchen to document the shot and put the insulin away. I went to put the vial up in the cupboard and there it was sitting on the heart stopped as I looked down and saw a very similar vial in my hand but it was the Novolog...the fast acting stuff. I had to call the Dr. We have the best children's healthcare here...we even have the phone numbers to the Peds Endocrinologist to call at any time we need 24 hours a day. I have only had to actually call the Dr. twice but every time they are so kind, helpful and even want you to call them back to let them know how things went getting through whatever situation you were dealing with. Well that night I had to wake Madi up to eat over 100 carbs and was up until after 2 am. She ate a Snickers ice cream cone, an oreo cookie, 2 juice boxes. 12 sugar pills, smarties....poor thing wasn't even hungry and was crying trying to eat her ice cream. I felt so bad/mad that I had made such a mistake. So now we have put a red band around the Lantus and every night the kids and I double check which medicine I set out on the counter to give each night.
Of course I had to email Steve about what happened and he was so nice and just replied that it was bound to happen. When Madi was first diagnosed with diabetes in March I was so scared to take care of her. Then when I found out Steve was deploying to Iraq I was really upset and scared to be alone with Madi. I thought I should either have to deal with Madi's new life style or with my husbands deployment not both at the same time. But here we are...still kicking, enjoying our summer...mistakes and all.

We are at the end of another fun week of swim lessons.

Both Ben and Madi are becoming quite the swimmers...I love watching them play in the water. And look at those nice sharp arms she has...they have learned some new strokes this summer.


Our Complete Family said...

I am so sorry that happened while Steve was away b/c I know how upset you must have been. You handled it like the true pro and super mommy that you are though!
Just remember that mistakes happen and that we all learn from them and they make us stronger!
So glad your little fishies are having fun in the sun this summer!
Love and hugs, Les

Ross and Jill's Blog said...

What a tough girl you got... from a tough momma!! I am impressed by how great Madi has handled this! I can't imagine going through it all with your husband gone, you are in my thoughts and prayers;)

I guess the good thing from the mistakes is you learn from them, right?? I am sure you won't ever do that again, and all is well now, so that is a blessing!!

Stefanie said...

Hello and nice to meet you from another military wife!

Once you get your routine down, things will be fine! Just try to relax!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Madi is becomming quite the swimmer. Cant wait to go swimming with both of them. I remember the first time at Uncle Marks in Florida. So much fun.

Love you all

jen said...

Happens to the best of us!! I admire your strength and I can tell you are a fabulous Mother!!

Cute pics of the kids swimming!!


Tara said...

glad everything turned out ok...she is a cutie! You are a strong woman! :)

Shannon said...

You and Madi are BOTH so tough. She is just a doll.

Brittany said...

Madi sure seems to be tough and handling her diagnosis like a champ!

Amber M. said...

What a brave little girl!! And what a tough lady she has for a mommy!

Carol said...

I marvel at this beautiful little girl who has to endure so much and I marvel at her mama who takes such good care of her. I totally understand a mistake like that and so happy she is well and enjoying the pool!

Betsy said...

Do not beat yourself up over that. You are such a courageous mom! I really admire you and your daughter is super lucky to have a mom like you who is managing her care beautifully.

Jo said...

It happens to the best of us ~ you made a very honest mistake. It's SO hard when you're flying solo and you don't have someone there for backup. I've made mistakes and feel horrible not only for what I've done but also because a little bit of me feels like I've let my husband down (even though he has no idea what is going on at the time). This is a very difficult task and many don't understand. You're doing a GREAT job in his absence and you should be proud of yourself!


Anonymous said...


My thoughts and prayers are with you. I too have a son, age 10, who has Type 1 Diabetes. He was diagnosed two years ago. I thought I would never know how to care for him properly. There was so much to learn in such a short time. He depended on me to take care of him. It has been two years and I am always learning and adjusting his insulin that sometimes turns out good and not so good with lows that occur. It can be scary, but you are right about the great support from the doctors office. I am also in the Air National Guard and this past year was scheduled to deploy. I requested a hardship because of my son and the Commander approved it. I wanted to do my military duty of deploying, but also have a duty to my son and family. God has blessed our family in ways that he can only imagine despite the trials that we faced. I will pray for the safety of your daughter and husband and for strength for you to take care of your family while your husband is away.