Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vacation for one

Every year at this time Disney's Wide World of Sports in Orlando is home to the Atlanta Braves for a few months....and that is where you will find Steve. For years he has been wanting to go to the Braves Spring Training and finally his time has come. We were all going to go but a Spring Training game has higher priced tickets than what we pay for their regular MLB games, so the rest of us stayed back. Plus, I am happy my hubby can relax and enjoy the sun and traveling around to a few cities down in Florida following his team.
A funny story:
Last week while shopping at the Commissary on Ft. Gillem the craziest thing happened. While I was on the veggie isle another shopper stopped me and she asked me if I had a blog...I have never been stopped and asked that before. It was cool meeting someone so fun. So, my new friend Michelle, is now over at thesweetgardenia. It's a small world after all!


jen said...

How nice for your hubby!! Sounds like lots of fun.

When and where are going to go on your vacation for one??? LOL


Sandy Toes said...

Okay..that is fun!! I think it would be fun to meet someone from a blog.
sandy toe

Montee said...

I found your blog through Sandy Toes. I may have commented on your blog before. My husband is at Wide World of Sports too. He is the AA manager for The Braves. His name is Phillip Wellman. Your husband may know who he is. He threw a "grenade" a couple of years ago and it was all over You-Tube. I miss going to Spring Training. When our son graduates in 2010, all the birdies will have flown the nest so this mama bird is going to Spring Training and hangout at the pool with my pina colada.

Everyday Gourmet said...

Fun times for Steve! I hope you enjoy the rest of your week. I haven't heard how your long run went? Did you end up doing 7 or 8? I will try to catch up with you this weekend!

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

I hope your husband has a fantastic time! I also think that is so fun that someone recognized you from your blog! :) I hope you are having a great week! :)

Rambling Girl said...

How neat for hubby to visit spring training.

Oh and to meet another blogger always sounds pretty cool to me. heading over there now to meet her.

Amber M. said...

Jeni! You have a blog stalker! I'm heading over to meet her now. She obviously has very good taste.:-)

Amber M. said...

I have something for you over on my blog today, lady!


(I'm currently 20 of 24...tied for 2nd in our family's brackets!!)

Our Complete Family said...

I bet Steve is having a fun sporty time away~ that's so up his alley, isn't it? Men love their sports!
That must have been wild and neat and fun all rolled in to one moment to have someone recognize you from your blog girly!
I'm going to go 'meet' her now, too!
Happy rest of the weekend to you~ xo Les

Michelle said...

So glad we got to hang out today. What a crazy day! There are so many hurdles in life we jump over just don't forget...nobody said we couldn't just walk around them. I'm praying for you and the family.

Fondly Michelle

Jo said...

How fun to actually meet a blog friend in person!

Have a great weekend!

Rambling Girl said...

Hey just checking on you! Hope all is ok and that your missed here in blog land!

Betsy said...

Isn't that amazing how God sent her into your life. He is SO good.